Martha Fontana, LCSW, Co-Founder, CEO

Martha Fontana, LCSW, is one of the founders of Veritas Wellness Center, PLLC, and has a dedication and enthusiasm for working with individuals and family members who are experiencing a crisis, conflicts, or a more serious mental health disorder. She is also a family member that has experienced bipolar I disorder in her extended family system, suicide, substance use and process orders, and teen struggles.

Ms. Fontana has degrees in honors psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Houston in the renowned Graduate School of Social Work in clinical social work. She has completed advanced training in biofeedback and stress management from the Biofeedback Institute in San Francisco and the University of Houston Chemical Abuse Counselors Course. She has completed the advanced training course in DBT from Marsha Linehan, Phd, Behavioral Tech and with Lane Pederson, PhD. Internships were completed with UT Austin in Developmental Research Psychology (Parent/Infant Interaction), the University of Texas Mental Science Institute in the Child, Adolescent, Family Clinic and internships at Orchard Creek Hospital (PICU, Adolescent, Children, Addiction, and Codependency Units.)

She has worked post-graduate in hospital/residential treatment programs (Orchard Creek Hospital, IntraCare Hospital, and West Oaks Hospital) and in outpatient psychotherapy programs affiliated with the above hospital programs. She started the well-regarded Prism Center in 2004, and assisted Ethos Behavioral Health Group in continuing Prism's state-of-the-art DBT Intensive Outpatient Programming for Adolescents and Adults. She also served as the Administrator of Adult Services for Riceland Mental Health Authority, serving the "priority populations" with severe mental illness (schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder, bipolar illness and severe major depression) in the four counties surrounding Harris County, TX.

Ms. Fontana has special interests and training in Jungian sand tray therapy and navigating the midlife issues, crisis management, professionals in crisis, DBT, and family therapy. Because of work/life balance, continuing education and lifelong learning and reading, and working with enjoyable colleagues, she continues to serve the Houston mental health community with creativity, energy, and expertise.

To contact Martha directly, you can email her at or call 832.476.0010, ext. 3, or after-hours at 281.974.0691.