Confidential Services for Managers, Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Veritas Wellness Center is one of the founding entities starting the non-profit entity called "The Network" serving the well-being of young professionals, and older professionals in the greater Houston area.
Our mission is to provide timely, confidential, and effective services to this population of young professionals and older professionals, men and women, who do not easily seek help and who may struggle with shame and isolation in their time of need. Suicidality may or may not be present. Other presenting issues are:

substance abuse
relationship/marital issues
financial issues
severe depression and/or anxiety
personality factors
career dilemmas, etc.
Bipolar disorder and ADD/ADHD

At Veritas Wellness Center, our Young Professionals and Older Professionals engage in a variety of services: Evaluation and Consultation, Individual Psychotherapy/Skills Training, Couples or Marital Therapy, DBT, Group Therapy, and even Adolescent/Parent Services. 

We collaborate with other clinicians in the greater Houston area, including psychiatrists and professional organizations serving this population, to help professionals and their family members get the help they need during a crisis period or non-crisis times.