Ellen Plaze

Interventionist and Placement Specialist

Ellen began her career as a substance abuse counselor and was initially drawn to providing services to women and their children. She eventually obtained a CADAC (Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor) in Texas and an LCDC license (Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor). She worked for hospital-based chemical dependency programs, IOPs, Employee Assistance Programs for corporations, and in private practice group work with co-dependency. She was a member of the Association of Intervention Specialists and was a Board Registered Interventionist. Ellen was trained by the Johnson Institute to do Interventions in the 1980s. It has remained her passion.

Ellen rose to manage treatment programs and then began a new career turn in Business Development. She worked for national and international programs in addictions, trauma, mood disorders, and chronic pain. This gave her opportunities to speak on Intervention work nationally and to develop a broad base of quality resources. She has run Admissions Departments, Call Centers, Business Development Teams, and Treatment Programs. She was a board member of the Texas Lawyers Assistance Program for three years and was able to help develop programs for mental health and the aging attorney. This also offered her the opportunity to travel and train in other State Lawyer's Assistance Programs.

Ellen now works for herself, following her lifelong passion for helping families. She provides Family Coaching, Intervention, Family Case Management, and Placement Services around issues of addiction, mental health, and eating disorders. She can assist with placement, transport and therapy, and support group referrals.
As a longtime friend and colleague of the Veritas founders and clinicians, we have been fortunate to contract with her in order to add her services to our service array which is a great benefit to clients, family members, and our corporate clients.