Evaluation and Consultation

This is one of our most requested services. For psychotherapy clients, it is an important beginning step.

For consulting clients, they may need only a one or two-session consultation.
Below are just a few examples of the kinds of issues presented at Evaluation/Consultation sessions.

Individuals or family members typically request an initial consultation for situations such as the following:

  • Individuals may seek an evaluation/consultation when they don’t know where to start, they don’t know what is wrong, or they want to know what treatment plan would be helpful.
    “How can I approach my issue in a more effective way than my current approach?” 
  • Some individuals request a confidential consultation when they are “stuck” in non-rewarding living patterns or work/career. “How do I get unstuck?”
  • Parents may request crisis services for their adolescent or young adult when they are in  need of understanding treatment options, community resources, how to handle academic issues while seeking help, etc. 
  • Because we specialize in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), individuals and family members request information on the DBT specifics, emotion dysregulation disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder, etc.